Frequently Asked Questions | Student Information System (2024)

How do I get access to historical appointment data from the Student Success Dashboard, for my particular advising or tutoring unit?

These data have been saved and are available. Please contactPatrick Beattywith your specific request.

How can I learn how to use the appointment system?

Self-paced training is available for advisors and tutors in addition toJob Aids.

As an advisor or tutor, does the new appointment system stay in sync with my Outlook calendar?

Yes, any existing appointments or blocks (i.e., busy or out-of-office times) on an advisor's or tutor's Outlook calendar will supersede any requests for appointments from the appointment system. An exception to this is for impromptu appointments. These can be scheduled freely, without any regard for Outlook calendar entries.

What is the process for updating a course's information (e.g., the semesters it's typically offered)?

Changes will need to go through the University Committee on Curriculum. Additional changes made after updating the Faculty Senate process will need to be addressed with the Registrar’s Office by emailing

Will the Planner in SIS notify students if they plan courses out of sequence or if they have duplicate courses?

The Planner is a manual planning process led and controlled by the student, so it will not notify students if courses are out of sequence or duplicated.

Are advisors able to see the student's Planner in ESAF, and are they able to view/edit the Planner for a student?

You can only see a student's Planner in Campus Solutions, but you cannot manipulate it on behalf of a student.

How will dual and triple degrees be entered?

Within a given student level, all requirements will be combined together. A human medicine and master's student will have multiple CPPs (careers, programs, and plans), and you will be able to toggle between the degree audits for the different degrees.

How will a dissertation defense be entered in the new system?

It will be listed as a milestone within a student’s Degree Audit.

Is there any way to see a student's entire Planner (all semesters) at the same time, or do you need to go into each semester individually to see the courses there?

Unfortunately, you cannot look at all semesters in the Planner. It can only be done semester-by-semester.

Is there a disclaimer to check with an advisor to verify requirements?

Yes, at the top of every Degree Audit report.

How will MTA (Michigan Transfer Agreement) be managed in the new system?

MTA is an agreement MSU has with many two-year institutions in the state of Michigan. This will be recorded so that it automatically waives the university diversity and ISS 300-level requirements. Any further adjustments will be on a one-by-one basis with the Registrar’s Office.

Will we be able to edit university requirements?

Staff in a college may be able to edit university/college/major/minor requirements, but it will depend on their access in Campus Solutions.

In what situations would an advisor need to send an email message to

Send an email message to rodegaud@msu.eduwhen there are questions about a student's Degree Audit, concerns about the Course Catalog, prerequisite or course restriction concerns, or plan code concerns.

Is there a way to know if another advisor already put in the substitution (of a course not yet taken)?

From the Notes section within a specific requirement, you will see any comments added to a substitution and see who made the substitution.

If a course can fulfill multiple requirements within a major (for example, one course that could be used in two different "pick one of many options" requirements), which requirement does it automatically go to? Or will that course always have to be substituted in manually?

The Degree Audit will use the course in the first requirement it finds (i.e., line 22 before line 23), but it can be updated to go where it is needed.

Will advisors have access to the student view?

Advisors can view a student’s Degree Audit, Planner and Shopping Cart, but will not have access to view SIS the same way a student does.

Is ESAF going away?

It is not going away, but what is currently available in ESAF will be changing, as most of that information will now be available in Campus Solutions. Confidential messages, notes and the GPA calculator, for example, will still remain in ESAF. See details of remediation plans for Registrar’s Office-based systems here:

How are corequisites validated?

Like regular classes, corequisites will only be validated once the student has enrolled in them – they will not be validated while in the Shopping Cart.

Will there be a grid view for advisors to see student schedules in the future?

Such a view is not planned at this time. The schedule does create a calendar view for students, so they can view their schedules in that format.

Are students able to take both a prerequisite and its subsequent class in the same semester?

Not without permission.

When I am assigning an advisor to a student, I am given an error message when I go to look up an advisor.

When assigning an advisor to a student, confirm you have first populated the Academic Career and Academic Program fields prior to clicking on the Academic Advisor look up button.

Frequently Asked Questions | Student Information System (2024)
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