Learn How to Draw Squishmallows with Step-by-Step Instructions (2024)

Welcome to the world of Squishmallows, the adorable and cuddly toy animals that have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike!

Ready to express your creativity and learn how to draw Squishmallows?

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential techniques, materials, and tips for drawing Squishmallows, so you can create your very own unique designs.

Let’s embark on this exciting artistic journey together!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock a world of imaginative fun by learning how to draw your own Squishmallows!
  • Gather your materials and follow our step-by-step video tutorial for beautiful artwork.
  • Create unique designs, develop storylines, join the community & more, unleash your creativity today!

Master the Art of Drawing Squishmallows

Learn How to Draw Squishmallows with Step-by-Step Instructions (1)

With over 73 million Squishmallows sold since their debut, it’s no surprise that they have become incredibly popular among users of all ages.

Their cute and varied designs captivate our imagination and inspire us to create our very own Squishmallow characters.

Once you’ve mastered the art of drawing Squishmallows, endless possibilities await – you could even weave thrilling tales around your characters!

Gather Your Materials

Before you start drawing, you’ll need a few essential materials.

  • Paper (note that it should be suitable for your chosen coloring tools)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring tools like colored pencils, markers, or crayons

With these essentials at your disposal, you’re all set to kick-start your drawing journey.

If you’re doubtful about where to begin, fret not – our blog post provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions!

Understand the Squishmallow Anatomy

Squishmallows are characterized by their soft and squishy body, round shape, and various designs, such as animals, characters, or objects.

These features make them incredibly fun for students to draw. For an accurate and recognizable Squishmallow drawing, understanding and incorporating these elements into your artwork is crucial.

Keep in mind the huggable and cuddly nature of Squishmallows as you draw.

Pay attention to their roundness and softness, and choose designs that resonate with your personal preferences. You can even find videos online to help you learn how to draw them!

Follow Along with A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

To make your Squishmallow drawing experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible, we highly recommend following an easy-to-understand video tutorial like the one below by Draw So Cute.

The tutorial takes you through the process of drawing a Squishmallow from start to finish, making it perfect for users of all skill levels.

Upon completion, don’t hesitate to exhibit your masterpiece to the community! Post it on social media or submit it to Art Projects for Kids.

If you’re unsure about your drawing skills, you can always practice by tracing a Squishmallow design before attempting to draw one freehand.

Create Your Own Unique Squishmallow Designs

Creating your own custom characters adds an exciting dimension to the process of drawing Squishmallows.

A dash of creativity allows you to design a Squishmallow that mirrors your personal style through varied colors, patterns, and features.

You can choose from a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors to make your Squishy.

Mix and Match Elements

For a truly unique Squishmallow, consider blending attributes from existing characters. You can:

  • Mix and match embroidery
  • Use captivating textures
  • Add visually stunning embellishments
  • Create custom shapes and sizes
  • Experiment with hybrid variations

By doing so, you can craft a one-of-a-kind brand design.

For example, you could start with the body shape of a bear, add the wings of a dragon, and finish with the colors and patterns of a tropical fish.

The possibilities are limitless – just let your creativity run wild on various topics!

Develop a Storyline

Adding depth to your Squishmallow creations is as simple as developing a storyline and personality for your original characters.

Think about their interests, quirks, and the exciting adventures they might embark on.

Imbuing your Squishmallow with a unique name and backstory adds an extra layer of significance and uniqueness. Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination!

Learn How to Draw Squishmallows with Step-by-Step Instructions (2)

After crafting your Squishmallow masterpieces, it’s a great idea to share your creations with other enthusiasts.

By posting your drawings on social media profiles or groups, you can connect with others who share your passion and gain inspiration from their artwork.

To further immerse yourself in the Squishmallow community, consider joining online forums and fan clubs.

These platforms allow you to discuss your favorite designs, share tips and techniques, and even participate in contests and events.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and make new friends who share your love for these adorable plush toys!

Tips and Tricks for Drawing Squishmallows

Learn How to Draw Squishmallows with Step-by-Step Instructions (3)

For an elevated Squishmallow drawing experience, consider the following expert tips. Start by adding a curved belly line to give your character a sense of depth and dimension.

Next, draw two matching ears that complement the overall shape of the head.

As you progress through your drawing, follow these steps to create a charming and expressive face for your Squishmallow.

  1. Erase any unnecessary lines to keep your artwork clean and polished.
  2. Add two eyes.
  3. Add eyelashes.
  4. Add a nose.
  5. Add a mouth.

With persistent practice and patience, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your drawing skills, and your Squishmallow characters will inevitably spring to life, giving you hope in your artistic journey!


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In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know to start drawing Squishmallows!

From understanding their anatomy and gathering the necessary materials to following a step-by-step video tutorial, creating your own unique designs, and sharing your artwork with the community, there’s a world of creativity waiting for you.

So grab your pencils and paper, and embark on your Squishmallow drawing adventure today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you draw easy Squishmallow?

Create a Squishmallow masterpiece with ease! Draw an oval for the body, then add ears, nose and mouth, eyes, and whiskers on the cheeks.

Finish with a horn and four curved lines to create your one-of-a-kind creature!

How do you draw Squishmallow for kids?

Draw your own Squishmallow by starting with an oval shape, adding a curved belly line, ears, nose, mouth, eyes, eyelashes, whiskers, and finally, four curved lines!

Let your creativity shine through!

How do you draw Hello Kitty Squishmallow?

Let’s get started!

Imagine a big squishmallow shape and draw one ear, so we don’t have to do the other one.

We’re just steps away from creating our very own Hello Kitty Squishmallow! Let’s do this!

How do you draw Pikachu Squishmallow?

What materials do I need to draw Squishmallows?

Gather up your paper, pencil, eraser and coloring supplies like pencils, markers, or crayons and start drawing your own Squishmallows!

Learn How to Draw Squishmallows with Step-by-Step Instructions (2024)
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