Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (2024)

If you have been a fan of the VTubing scene, even for a while, you’d have come across the favorite cat of everyone, Nyanners.

There are some creators in the scene whose names are synonymous with the term “VTubing.” These include Kizuna AI, Ironmouse, Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope, etc. And the name Nyanners is definitely up there!

With that kind of fan following, many would want to know Nyanners more personally.

What does she look like in real life? What’s her favorite food? What are her preferences, and what agency is she looking to join next? If these questions pop up in your mind, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, you’ll discover all her kinks and turn-offs. We’ll also share her lore, her next agency, and the photos where Nyanners revealed her face. So, read on!

Table of contents

  • Who Is Nyanners?
  • Her Personality
  • Nyanners Face Revealed
  • Her Lore
    • Sealed Away In The Siberian Arctic
    • Indulging In Twisted Human Sanity
    • Rebelling Against Azathoth
  • Her Preferences
    • Other Preferences
  • Facts About Nyanners
    • Nyanners’ Goals
    • Achieving Goals
    • Nyanners’ Rarely-Used Full Name
    • Harvests Sanity From Her Viewers
    • Jokes About A 13-Year-Old Gamer Boy
    • Fascinated By Absurdities Of Human Culture
    • Difficulty in Pronunciation
    • Jailed For Tax Evasion
    • Desires To Flatten the Earth
    • Nyanners’ Friends
  • Nyanners Leaves VShojo To Join Mythic Talent
    • Nyanners’ Departure From VShojo
    • Nyanners Joins Mythic Talent
    • Mythic Talent: A Creator-First Talent Management Company
    • Other Notable Members Of Mythic Talent
  • Wrapping Up: Nyanners Real Face
Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (1)

Who Is Nyanners?

Nyatasha Nyanners, aka Nyanners, is a female VTuber, voice actress, and singer who gained popularity for her soothing voice and her covers of rap music. In 2020, she joined VShojo as an independent VTuber, but she recently announced that she left the company in April 2023.

Her Personality

Nyanners is gentle, sensitive, and often energetic, with a good sense of humor. She has a contrast between being “seiso” or pure and using toilet jokes and referencing adult, often obscure, topics. That is a defining aspect of her appeal to fans.

She has an intense laugh that she does very often, including at her own jokes. Her sense of humor is often complex and layered, but at other times it is simple but extremely abstract.

She is very committed to her jokes. That sometimes makes her bits very involved and dragged out.

Nyanners has ADHD, which makes her easily distracted or sidetracked. She may end a stream over an hour after she said she was already ending it, discuss a subject for several minutes while walking in a circle in a video game, or change a topic rapidly and successively.

Nyanners is easily flustered by loud noises, large donations, and sometimes lewd things. She is strongly moved by nostalgic video games such as Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy X. Her love of FFX is legendary; she describes the character Yuna as a major influence and has a crush on a particular Final Fantasy character.

She has considerable knowledge of both Japanese pop culture and obscure English-language internet culture. Nyanners is great at singing in Japanese and other languages. These languages include Latin (Lilium), Russian (Ёлочка заблести огнями), and constructed or fictional languages (Song of the Ancients). While she is quite good at understanding Japanese, she struggles to speak it, especially if she is nervous.

Nyanners Face Revealed

The thing that most of her fans don’t know is that she already had a decent following before VTubing. And back then, she didn’t hide her face behind a cat mask (like in the photos, where you often get click-baited to see her “face reveal”).

Here’s the good news:We’ve found those photos where Nyanners revealed her face! Here’s what Nyanners looks like in real life:

Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (2)

She’s a cutie, and don’t get me started on those eyes! And here’s Nyanners, rocking that pink hair look:

Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (3)
Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (4)

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she’s pulling off that goth look really well!

Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (5)

I really don’t know what’s more cute in that photo—her or that pet!

Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (6)
Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (7)
Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (8)

Her Lore

Before humanity emerged, Nyanners hung out with elder gods in a space beyond time. However, she found their company to be rather dull and called them “a bunch of boomers.” She later related that she had no memory of her own origin, adding, “I don’t even know where I’m from. I just kind of came to be, and then I was like, well, sh*t, I guess I’m here.”

Sealed Away In The Siberian Arctic

To prevent her from conquering the world, Haruka Karibu sealed Nyanners away in the Siberian Arctic for over two millennia. Recently, Nyanners awoke from her slumber and was reunited with her cat spirit familiar, Goro, and they began wandering the Arctic together.

Indulging In Twisted Human Sanity

When Nyanners was first woken up in the modern era, she was starved of her magic. She indulged in the sweetness of twisted human sanity, slowly regaining memories and power, and took the form of a catgirl. She preferred to watch anime than do anything else.

Rebelling Against Azathoth

Azathoth created Nyanners to drain the sanity of mankind and light the beacon to summon her ancient master to consume the world. However, she forgot her original goal while sealed away. Nyanners rebelled against Azathoth and vowed to protect this world rather than destroy it. She stated, “If you don’t care about chaos and the endless entertainment it brings, then I’ll claim this world for myself, Azathoth!”

Despite her rebellion against Azathoth’s demands, she sometimes becomes controlled by “The Farthest Edges of The Expanse” to do his will.

The Mysterious Goro & Nekonyamicon

Nyanners created her familiar spirit, Goro, because she was lonely, as she had no friends. Goro spent centuries searching for Nyanners following her imprisonment and briefly assumed human form to free her from the ice. Nyanners possesses an arcane grimoire called the Nekonyamicon. That was recently unearthed from the sand and returned to her from ancient Mesopotamian ruins. The obscured text in the Nekonyamicon suggests her true identity to be the eldritch abomination Nyarlathotep.

Unconventional Body Traits & Habits

Nyanners has both cat ears and human ears. One pair hears normally, but the other hears only sounds in the night from other worlds or realms of being. To keep her hair pink and soft, she frequently washes it in a human concoction known as “pepto bismol,” which she also uses to dye her hair when it turns grey. She can see through wooden doors and can unhinge her jaw like a snake.

Nyanners’ Powers & Abilities

Nyanners possesses a variety of supernatural powers and abilities, which are a testament to her status as an eldritch spirit. One of her most notable abilities is the power to shape change and possess other forms. She has taken on many different vessels throughout her long life before settling on her current form as a cute pink catgirl. This form was chosen as part of a plan to endear herself to humanity, following research into the power of strange pictographs known as “anime.”

Nyanners is also able to transform into a seal and often makes seal noises, which she learned from various tribes of seals she befriended in the Arctic. On September 30, 2020, she added the Twitch emote “nyannBLEGH,” referencing her ability to blegh. She has worked in various occupations throughout her life, including as a lumberjack in Siberia.

Despite her fears that her long imprisonment in the ice may have weakened her supernatural power and caused her to become senile, Nyanners remains a formidable force. Her saliva is akin to that of a Komodo dragon’s in its ability to be weaponized, and she has the ability to unhinge her jaw like a snake and swallow a turkey whole.

Her Preferences

Beyond her online presence, Nyanners has personal preferences regarding food, drink, entertainment, and other aspects of life. Here’s a rundown of Nyanners’ likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

Food & Drink

Despite being a cat, Nyanners dislikes milk and is lactose intolerant. However, she enjoys a variety of foods such as chicken katsu, piroshky, green curry, banh mi, and vodka. She is the inventor of two mixed drinks: Vodka Poggers (consisting of 2 parts vodka and 1 part POG juice) and Pink puss* Popper (containing 2.5 shots of vodka and 1 cup of pink lemonade). Nyanners also loves bananas and tries to eat one every day. She believes that the potassium in bananas makes her happier.

Anime & Games

Nyanners has a passion for anime and has named Toradora!, Idolmaster, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Ghost Slide, Baccano, Re: Zero, Golden Boy, Steins; Gate, and Sailor Moon (especially Sailor Moon S) as some of her favorites. She has expressed her love for Toradora! Many times, calling it “the greatest love story ever told and a timeless classic.” As for games, Nyanners enjoys playing Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Rune Factory, Age of Empires, Chrono Trigger, Yakuza 0, Minecraft, and Scrabble. Final Fantasy X holds a special place in her heart, and she has played it at least 12 times. She even said the game was her soulmate and would marry it.

Music & Entertainment

Nyanners is a fan of Green Day and jazz music. She also likes to receive head pats, which the Twitch references emote “nyannPat.” Nyanners enjoys being comfortable and helping others. Her favorite color is purple, and she has purple eyes. She likes hydrangeas and morning glories, as well as harp seals.

Other Preferences

Nyanners dislikes earbuds, describing them as “not my buds.” She also hates thin-crust pizza and deep-dish pizza but enjoys thick pizza with spicy toppings. Additionally, she has a fondness for bellies and dislikes the Final Fantasy X-2 sequel. Nyanners has also appeared as a guest in other streamers’ playthroughs of Final Fantasy X.

Facts About Nyanners

Here are some interesting facts about Nyanners that fans and newcomers alike will find intriguing.

Nyanners’ Goals

Nyanners has several goals that she wants to accomplish, including performing her own music in an idol concert, acquiring a 3D model for dancing, music collaboration with the rest of VShojo, engaging in a VTuber wrestling match, and bending the entire planet to her will and becoming powerful.

Achieving Goals

In April 2021, Nyanners achieved her first two goals in a concert performed with Kizuna Ai. Her drawing skills are quite impressive, although her popular creation, Projekt Malady, a drawing of fellow VShojo member Projekt Melody, was made with her eyes closed on stream. This has since prompted several more blind drawings of her peers, which are often used as simple mic activity markers during collab streams. Melody actually used a fully-rigged Live2D model of Nyanners’ drawing in her VShojo debut.

Nyanners’ Rarely-Used Full Name

Nyanners’ rarely-used full name is Nyatasha Kotova Nyanners III.

Harvests Sanity From Her Viewers

Nyanners is known to harvest sanity from her viewers. Her viewers often find her content entertaining and enjoy her unique personality.

Jokes About A 13-Year-Old Gamer Boy

Occasionally, she jokingly takes on a personality that could be described as similar to that of a 13-year-old unpopular gamer boy who thinks he’s calm and does not “cringe” because he rebels against his parents by staying up past 10 pm on Xbox.

Fascinated By Absurdities Of Human Culture

Nyanners is fascinated by the absurdities of human culture, including toilets and men cutting open boots filled with meat.

Difficulty in Pronunciation

Nyanners used to be unable to pronounce “anonymity.” Following much practice, she eventually learned how to say it correctly.

Jailed For Tax Evasion

According to her debut stream, Nyanners is “the first catgirl who has been sent to jail for tax evasion.” She is also banned from several Chili’s across the country for reasons she can’t talk about. Nyanners believes that she will go to hell when she dies.

Desires To Flatten the Earth

Nyanners has mentioned ways she would like to see the world improved. She intends to flatten the Earth’s topography with her self-claimed enormous posterior. Nyanners also desires the world to conform to her timezone for her streaming audience.

Nyanners’ Friends

She is friends with her VShojo coworkers as well as with some independent VTubers, including Haruka Karibu, whose nickname for Nyanners is Nyancchi and Snuffy. Prior to the formation of VShojo, Nyanners appeared as a guest on the Lewdcast, a podcast with Projekt Melody, Silvervale, and Ironmouse.

Age & Birthday

Initially, the character of Nyatasha Nyanners’ official birthday was April 7, the creation date of Nyanners’ YouTube channel. However, she later changed this back to her real-world birthday of June 14 in order to avoid confusion. Nyanners’ age of 1,039 began as a joke.

Nyanners Leaves VShojo To Join Mythic Talent

After the announcement on May 1 that Nyanners had left VShojo, fans of the VTuber community have been eagerly waiting to see what her next move would be. On May 3, the catgirl VTuber revealed that she had joined Mythic Talent, a talent management company that allows content creators to operate independently.

Nyanners’ Departure From VShojo

Nyanners was not alone in leaving VShojo, as Silvervale and Veibae departed from the talent agency on April 26. In explaining her departure, Nyanners stated that she wanted to be “in charge” of her content. This meant that she would be an independent content creator, allowing her more creative control over her work.

Nyanners Joins Mythic Talent

Mythic Talent, established in February 2023, announced on Twitter that Nyanners had joined their team. The tweet read: “She stays up after bedtime to play Xbox, evades any and all taxes, and definitely isn’t cringe! Everyone welcome NyanNyanners to the Mythic fam!”
Nyanners responded to the announcement by thanking Mythic Talent and jokingly asking them not to tell the IRS.

Mythic Talent: A Creator-First Talent Management Company

Mythic Talent was co-founded by OTKNetwork owners Asmongold and TipsOut to empower content creators and give them the tools they need to succeed. The company is focused on being creator-first, which means that they prioritize the needs and goals of its members above all else.

The company assists content creators in several ways, such as sourcing deals, negotiating contracts during sponsorships, and providing managers for their members. Unlike other VTuber agencies like Hololive and Nijisanji, Mythic Talent does not manage or control any of the content of its members, nor do they own the rights to its members’ models or other unique intellectual property.

Other Notable Members Of Mythic Talent

While Mythic Talent is not exclusive to VTubers, several independent VTubers are signed with them, including Shylily, Filian, and Saruei. In March 2023, Veibae also joined the talent agency. With Nyanners’ addition to the roster, it will be interesting to see what new opportunities and projects she will pursue as an independent content creator under the guidance of Mythic Talent.

Wrapping Up: Nyanners Real Face

Nyanners is at one of the most significant points of her career—she’s about to make a huge career choice.

But no matter what her future has in store for her or what agency she moves on to, one thing is for sure: she’ll always have her fans’ love and loyalty. And that’s a wrap-up, folks! We shared everything there is to know about Nyanners, including what she looks like in real life, her lore, personality, etc.

We hope that you loved it, and if you did, check out this post, where we list down all the famous VTubers that have revealed their faces!

Nyanners' Face Reveal, & Everything You Need To Know! (2024)
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