Where To Find Standard Donkeys For Sale (U.S. Guide) – First Time Farming (2024)

At 2.6-5.2 feet (or 80-158cm) in height, standard donkeys don’t seem to be nearly as popular as miniature donkeys in the U.S.

When it comes to finding standard donkeys for sale, the search can also be tough.

The best places to find them are:

  • Individual standard donkey breeders
  • Donkey sanctuaries
  • Classifieds or listing sites

If that sounds a little vague, don’t worry. This article is going to jump into each in more detail – also recommending several places to start your search.

Ready to get started?

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Donkey Breeders

The best place to find standard donkeys for sale in America is to seek out independent donkey breeders.

Usually specialists with several years experience raising donkeys, there are several of them located all across the country.

Our state guides on donkeys for sale (although they mostly feature miniature donkey breeders), often feature farms and ranches producing standard donkeys.

Click here to see donkeys for sale.

The miniature breeders featured (especially those local to your area) can also be worth contacting.

They often have connections that could help you find what you’re looking for.

Our guides aside, here are a couple more reputable standard donkey breeders located in America…

KZ Asspiration Acres

KZ Asspiration Acres has an 80+ strong herd of donkeys and are based out of New Jersey.

They have been running since the early 90’s and breed both standard and miniature donkeys for sale.

Their website details all their herdsires as well as future ones…

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Farm Information

Best Friends Farm

Situated in Gainsville, Florida, Best Friends Farm is another highly reputable standard donkey breeder that also sells minis.

Owned by the Lee family, the farm has been running sine 1998. Their standard size donkeys are between 41-48″ in height and sell for around $450 each.

Discounts are available for donkeys bought in pairs.

Their website offers more information…

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Farm Information

Lolli Bros

Based in Macon, Missouri, Lolli Bros is a livestock market that’s been running since 1947.

Selling standard donkeys – as well as horses, sheep, cattle and even llamas, Lolli Bros are a well estabilished trader who’ve made sales all across America.

Their website has details about upcoming auctions and expected new foals.

Farm Information

  • Website: http://www.lollibros.com/
  • Contact: 660-385-2516
  • Email:lollibros@lollibros.com
  • Address: 704 Main Street – Suite A * Macon, Missouri 63552

Wagen Trails Ranch

Situated in Austin, Minnesota, Wagen Trails breed standard, large standard, mammoth and even miniature donkeys.

Their standards are 36 inches to 48 inches while their large standards run up to 46 inches.

The website has information on their breeding jacks and jennies as well as general donkey keeping tips.

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Farm Information

Donkey Sanctuaries

Another good place to try and find standard donkeys for sale are donkey sanctuaries.

Unlike buying from specialized breeders, rehoming unwanted or rescued donkeys is a great way to help give back to the species and give these animals a deserved second chance.

There are several sanctuaries across the U.S. that are open to sponsorship, visits and donations. Some of them even sell the foals of their rescues if they feel herd numbers are getting out of controls.

But they need to be confident in the buyer. Sanctuaries definitely won’t be keen on selling donkeys to first time farmers or the inexperienced.

Here a couple that could be worth contacting for leads…

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

With 20 years experence and 2,400 plus donkeys under their direct care, Peaceful Valley are a big operation.

To date they have rescued over 16,000 donkeys and have 57 locations under their guidance.

The sanctuary was started in 2000 by Mark and Amy Meyers who began buying up neglected or abused donkeys they saw in their local community.

Definitely worth getting in contact with if you’re interested in rehousing a donkey on your farm or ranch.

Sanctuary Information

Save Your Ass Rescue

Based out of New England, Save Your Ass (SYA) is another non-profit and mule rescue who could help put interested owners in contact with standard donkeys for sale.

Operating since 2007, SYA is run by Ann and Jeff Firestone.

The website also has a surrender form for owners who feel they can no longer care for their donkeys.

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Sanctuary Information

Individual Farms, Homesteads or Ranches

Thanks to the web and social platforms like Facebook etc., it’s now easier to connect with farms, ranches and homesteads all across America.

Some of these have standard donkeys for sale on the regular.

Instead of worrying about setting up a dedicated website and marketing themselves, many take to listing sites and other platforms to advertise.

I’ve rounded up the best places online to find standard donkeys using this method.


EquineNow.com is a listings directory for equine sales all across America. You can search by city or zip code, distance and color.

There is also an option to search exclusively for donkeys.

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DreamHorse.com is another classifieds-style website that lists standard donkeys, mammoths and miniatures available across the country.

The site’s search option isn’t as user friendly as EquineNow.com but it’s still worth a look.


HorseClicks is a very comprehensive and busy website to help you in your search for standard donkeys.

Searching by state is easy. You’ll see all the prices and basic information within a few short clicks.

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Additional Places To Find Standard Donkeys For Sale

These resources aside, two other popular options that often have local listings are both Craigslist and Facebook market place.

It’s definitely worth a quick browse at the city or state relevant pages of both. But be warned that there can be a lot of time wasters too.

You sacrifice quality and reputation of estabilished breeders going this route.

Final Thoughts: Where To Find Standard Donkeys For Sale

Finding standard donkeys is by no means easy compared to looking for mini’s. Due to their size and possibly more expensive keeping commitments, they’re probably not as popular.

But that’s a massive shame as standard donkeys make excellent farm animals!

Don’t believe us? Read more about the pros (and cons) of keeping them in this post:

4 Major Pros And Cons Of Owning A Donkey (Read This Before You Get One!)

Image Credit: @ansgarscheffold at Unsplash

Where To Find Standard Donkeys For Sale (U.S. Guide) – First Time Farming (2024)
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